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12 West Pier, Howth, Co.Dublin

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About Glaneir

A financial & administrative service uniting families at home & abroad, allowing you to create care communities for your client’s health needs
Together every step of the journey with your client by offering financial care packages tailored to their needs
Easy to use platform that provides payments, planning, security, and so much more, adapting & scaling to your companies changing needs.

What We Do

For care providers
Glaneir provide a secure banking & communication system for vulnerable communities that allows users to communicate and provide a real time & seamless professional service to their clients​
For Families
Glaneir provide a support system tailored to allow users to create care communities to meet the health needs of their loved one​

How It Works

For Care Organisations
Take patient care to new levels & offer an easily managed financial management service to your client
For Care-Givers
The support & tools they need to efficiently care for your clients in the palm of their hands. Ensure professional continuity of service by sharing the key to the patients likes and dislikes, illness, prescriptions, holidays & more, for any care-giver assigned
For the Client
Care updates & vital communication with your clients & guardian made simple and efficient, choose whether to text, email, voice mail, or video mail to share information

How To Start

Contact us with questions you may have, & to stay updated on our activity
Connect with us on social media