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12 West Pier, Howth, Co.Dublin

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Management Service

Care management system
The safest and simplest way to keep everyone in the loop with the ongoing care of your client
Administrative management system
An easy way to plan the care services you provide and potential for new sources of revenue 
Caregiver management system
Your caregivers will get a new level of support with easy communication tools with the clients, the family, & home office
Client Finances
Glaneir also offer Power of Attorney and Enduring Power of Attorney payment solution products.

Financial Service

Financial Management System
Glaneir offers a financial management system with payment processing, that ensures the user can maintain their financial independence. This system utilises modern (digital payments), as well as traditional (debit cards) technologies for simplicity of use, and accessibility​
Accounts Management
Manage accounts and pay bills through our platform, & hold records of transactions, ensuring peace of mind of your client and their family
Account Cooperation
Create a circle of trust with your clients which will allow your company to collaboratively manage your clients finances. 

Wearable Devices

Our wearables contain your clients vital information such as name, address, care provider & care-givers details to improve care in any situation
Our wearables possess the ability to store & share health Information needed by clinicians & first responders alike such as illnesses, medications, & allergies 
Emergency Response System
Direct contact line with your clients I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) contact, emergency services, & more